Kinetics is always adding new media types and
resources - mostly technological - to its skillset for immediate
application in communication projects, that are tailored
for each activity niche and need.

Forefront of modern communication

Operating continuously since 1994, Kinetics® has been on the forefront of modern communication in Brazil, continuing to present new concepts in entertainment, marketing and business.

The company has amassed experience in many areas, starting with the multimedia area, back in 1994, all the way through the emergence of the Internet, and up to the present day, with the mobile market (smartphones and tablets).

It has gathered experience in a number of areas, presenting advanced skills in AJAX/DHTML development, HTML5 interfaces, Flash development, PHP/MYSQL coding, noSQL database design and coding and Cloud computing architecture and Scaling.

Local and International Markets

The company reached both local and international markets.

In the last 5 years, Kinetics developed many cutting-edge web systems for Startup Companies in the US (EMW, ABD3 LLC, and Sojo Studios 2011). This work has invariably been required to follow the industry`s best practices, and also the most recent methods, languages and tools.

The company have successfully worked and interfaced with other teams around the globe, managing and being managed very well.

The list of clients in Brazil contains big companies such as Petrobras, large multinationals such as Shell and Sul América, and banks such as Bradesco. Our International clients: Atari, Entertainment Media Works, ABD3 LLC, Next Generation LLC, TigerTag and Sojo Studios.

Mobile Apps & Games

Kinetics has been making Android and iOS games and apps for Mobiles and Tablets since 2009, and has its own publishing label for the mobile segment called Totmob.

Current activities: Mobile Apps Developent, Mobile Games Development & Mobile Technologies R&D, Web development.

Kinetics’team constantly strive to develop and perfect new means of expression and solutions that are original, functional, interactive and effective.


Kinetics’ team is made up of software engineers, graphic designers, game designers, project managers, planning and research, coming from many backgrounds, and enabling results that are extremely creative, original, innovative and customized, which adds to the enormous benefits in the final results of the projects.
Tech Competences


C++ / Java / Objective C / Javascript PHP / Phyton

Development using various technologies:
Web / Flash / HTML5 / iOS / Android / Cocos 2D-X / OpenGL

Servers / Uptime (Service availability) / Connection with millions of users / Safety

Feedback / Data analysis / Crisis and expectations management / Online public management

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