Mobile development has become an urgent matter worldwide,
with ever increasing sales for iOS and Android equipped
Smartphones, as well as Tablets. Kinetics offers solutions
that are in sync with the latest market trends.

Concept / Consulting

With almost 20 years experience in the production of games, with various success stories and several prizes, we can do the concept, planning, execution and deployment of your Mobile projects.
iOS / Android compatibility

Being present in one of these formats is no longer enough. It`s now necessary to reach all users. We use and develop tools that improve compatibility between iOS and Android. This means accelerated development so as to cover the two most important Smartphone platforms. It also streamlines updating and adding new features to apps.
Mobile Conversion

We will convert your site or service to the Mobile format. We also provide consulting for the specification and creation of Mobile apps and services, melding creativity and function.
Mobile Information Architecture

Mobile devices require unique new concepts and navigation. Screen limitations, device differences and even a new Smartphone culture need to be taken into account when developing apps.

Publishing and launching apps require experience for the best results. We can offer valuble help to our clients making this task easier and faster.
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